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The Future of the fictions!

Just an update from fictionland:
the fictions are quickly approaching the next phase in their existance, the creation of the fictions(TM) brand. the fictions(TM) brand will build a line of super high quality products out of space age materials (as seen in space!) from cars, to toothbrushes, to those little novelty glasses with a fake nose mustache. We are currently testing our first of these products, fictions(TM) brand music. A crack team of professional musical geniuses were recruited to write and preform the highest quality pop songs (in keeping with fictions(TM) brand quality standards). This team, lead by Prof. Orange Jones knows what will absolutely tickle your ears, and put a rhythmn in your feet! Around fictions(TM) brand HQ, we like to call him "Mr. Catchymofo Jones"! We know you have come to love and trust the fictions(TM) brand, and now get ready to experiance this leap in musical experiance! Visit to experiance the most technologically advanced music to date... it's literally light-years ahead of the competition! Your ears will agree, "the fictions(TM) brand is the greatest thing to happen to you and me!"

- fictions(TM) brand Public Relations Department
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